Didgeridoo Resonance Healing, DNA Restructuring, Emotional, Traumatic, Release 

 Greetings !! Welcome!! Here is a description of the sessions available. Each session is a personalized custom experience. Everyone will feel something different. No two sessions will ever be the same. Each session a crystal grid is created in the area. We meet and exchange energy and allow our energies to play. If it is permitted some palo santo (sacred wood) from Peru, and white sage will be burned to clear the area and bring positive essence into every session. Each step is apart of the whole but if someone is allergic and cannot be around the smells it doesn't change the experience. We begin each meditation with 3 chimes from tingsha (hand symbol) and also end each session the same way. Every experience is unique to each individual. After the playing portion is done we discuss our experience give gratitude and part ways. It is truly a honor be apart of your journey. Payment is always discussed before to avoid any confusion. Looking forward to our experience. With gratitude I send blessings to you. Namaste 

Group sessions are available. 

Group sessions have a different flow than personal. 

Time allocated is a minimum of 1 hour. With more people more time may be required. 

Depending on how many are in the group and the time frame we have to work with will decide how we customize the session. 

We open with a guided meditation for 30 mins. Followed by laying down in  circle. Didgeridoo will be played first from the center  of the circle around each head. Next while playing each person will be given a full body resonance release. I will go from head to feet and then play directly over the heart. After doing 3 cycles,  I continue to play from the center of the circle, vibrating through the head to push the stagnant flow out the feet and help clear the old wounds. Then bring the sessions to a close.


Personal one on one sessions are available. Included in this is a 1 hour session. 

We start off with a guided meditation that will be approximately 25 - 30 minutes. Followed by the remainder of the time with the didgeridoo breaking up the stagnant areas and helping to release a wide range of emotions and trauma help within each of us. 

We end and close the session with a discussion on our feelings.   


Classes and workshops are available. There are many levels to learn how to play this magical instrument. The classes are divided into multiple segments. Everyone learns at their own pace. 


-The beginning courses are focused entirely on how to prepare your mind and mouth to enter this new experience.  

-The next level consist of learning to play rhythms, and patterns. 

-The next level consist  of learning to circular breath and then adding it all together. 

-The last course will be how to put a track together and then an album with everything learned. 

All classes are available online also. 

Personal Session
Group Session

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